“I’ve had the privilege of working with Kelsey in several capacities in our community: when she led an all-day UX workshop for middle and high school girls, as a speaker at a 50+ person event, and when organizing logistics for at least three tech events. Kelsey is extremely easy to work with, reliable, communicates and meets the deadlines she sets, and cares deeply about creating healthy and productive space for people to connect and learn together. She is a driven developer and designer as well as an effective teacher who can adapt and work with diverse groups. Kelsey sets out with a keen eye for both the big picture and the details, and her impressive list of accomplishments is a testament to her ability to take her ideas and make them reality. I look forward to working with her more in the future and would recommend her without any hesitation.”

Smai – [email protected] Senior Software Engineer, Workiva

“Empathetic, Smart, Hard-working, Inquisitive, Explorer

Kelsey has a knack for asking the right questions in order to discover business and interaction goals. It’s refreshing to encounter someone who knows how to organize information and UI elements to reduce barriers and enhance users’ abilities to make decisions and experience delight. Kelsey is one of those few.

She uses her empathy to understand problems, offer solutions, and help others to understand perspectives that would, otherwise, go overlooked. Kelsey is a hard worker, but more importantly, understands what work should be done, rather than mindlessly working hard on something that need not be done at all.

I value having worked with Kelsey and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who values their clients’ experiences or wants to elevate their team.”

Scott – [email protected] Owner and Developer, Ravenview Services

“Kelsey works for me coordinating, scheduling, and managing a yearly event that I produce. I have worked with Kelsey for the last four years.

Kelsey had wonderful judgment, and a strong ability to make decisions and move forward with limited information. She was able to proceed with a course of action without wasting time, or waiting to be told.

Overall attitude was always positive, always upbeat, always inspirational, and she was able to keep moving along during long working hours. She was well liked by all the rest of the crew, and had a positive and professional temperament.

It is my pleasure to recommend Kelsey for any job involving organization, coordination, decision making, and dealing with people. She has a professional demeanor, and a skill at handling herself in difficult situations. She is able to stay calm under pressure, and is always level headed.”

Michael – [email protected] Owner, Passaretti Designs

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Kelsey Iverson. Kelsey has worked in our transportation devision for the past 3 years. She is exceptionally organized, competent and professional. Ms. Iverson’s communication skills are her strong suite and have always made her shine.

Kelsey has always been willing to take on any task that was asked of her and complete it with accuracy and diligence. Some of these tasks included taking reservations, concierge services, daily interactions with all aspects of personnel, administrative duties, and special projects.

Ms. Iverson never strayed from any task that was asked of her, and actually completed numerous projects that was not her direct responsibility. She always did this with a smile and positive attitude. Her time with me has been invaluable and irreplaceable. She truly has been an exemplary employee.

Ms. Iverson was always willing to help out anyone at a moment’s notice and was therefore instrumental in keeping our whole company running smoothly. She contributed significantly to the success of it. It is without reservation that I highly recommend Kelsey Iverson.”

Markus – [email protected] Founder and President, Yellowstone Luxury Tours